• A series of eight events across the Highlands and Islands

    delivered by:


    Social Investment Scotland

    Local Energy Scotland

    Community Shares Scotland

    Getting Ready For Investment

  • What's the plan?

    Arrive 10.00 for 10.30 start


    Morning - Introductions


    Partner Perspectives - Hear from the three organising partners, Social Investment Scotland (SIS) Local Energy Scotland (LES) and Community Shares Scotland (CSS) as they give an overview of their services and the support they provide across the Highlands & Islands


    Guest Speaker – Listen to the experiences and insights of a someone who has ‘walked the investment walk’


    Participant Views – Take part in the roundtable ‘big’ debate which explores the practicalities of accessing investment, followed by a Q&A session




    Afternoon - Workshop Knowledge Sessions


    Choose from two of the following four workshops to get the detailed information that suits your needs:


    SIS Early Days delivered once

    SIS Changing Waysdelivered once

     LES Shared Ownership of Renewable Energy – delivered twice

    CSS Financing Community Shares – delivered twice


    Full workshop details provided at the conference…each runs for 55mins and delegates can make their choices on the day


    Final Thoughts and feedback

    Finishes 4pm

    All events are supported by Highlands and Islands Enterprise.


    HIE are able to provide assistance to those travelling to the events from further afield. 

    Please get in touch for more information.

  • Venues and Times



    2nd June 2016

    10am - 4pm

    Horizon Scotland,

    Forres Business Park

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    9th June 2016

    10.30am - 4pm

    Pickaquoy Centre, Kirkwall

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    10th June 2016

    10am - 4pm

    Shetland Museum & Archives

    Hay's Dock, Lerwick

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    Lewis & the Outer Hebrides

    17th June 2016

    10am - 4pm

    Stornoway Town Hall,


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    Argyll & the Islands

    21st June 2016

    10am - 4pm

    The Regent Hotel, Oban

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    Lochaber, Skye & Wester Ross

    22nd June 2016

    10am - 4pm

    West Highland College, Fort William

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    Caithness & Sutherland

    24th June 2016

    10am - 4pm

    Pulteney Centre, Wick

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    28th June 2016

    10am - 4pm

    Inverness College

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    Social Investment Scotland

    Early Days and Changing Ways Workshops

    Understanding that not everyone is at the same stage of their journey, we'll be hosting two workshops called Early Days and Changing Ways which reflect your place on the journey towards social investment. You can choose which workshop suits you best on the day.


    Early Days

    For social enterprises and community groups in the early stages of their development; typically organisations will be trading for two years or less.


    Changing Ways

    For more established social enterprises and community groups who have developed their ideas further, established trading bodies and are looking to scale up, acquire assets and create further impact in their communities.

  • Local Energy Scotland

    Picture: Callander Hydro


    Shared Ownership of Renewable Energy Workshop

    Shared Ownership (or Community Investment) of Renewable Energy is understood by the Scottish Government to refer to any structure which involves a community group as a meaningful financial partner in a renewable energy project. This session will introduce you to the opportunities available in the Highlands and Islands.


    We'll cover where to identify local opportunities, how to discuss them with Developers and your group, the stages involved in a Shared Ownership project and what the outcomes could be for your community group or social enterprise.

  • Community Shares Scotland

    Picture: Portpatrick Harbour

    Financing Your Community's Future Through Community Shares Workshop

    Our interactive session will demonstrate how the community shares funding mechanism can benefit your community enterprise - enabling it to start up, grow and thrive.


    There will be a focus on new Scottish focused resources, emerging best practice, as well as details on how to access the free support offered by the Community Shares Scotland programme. We'll walk you through the key steps in setting up a community share offer – using some great case studies from those who have had success already.

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